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What would you do if you accidently overheard a conversation that explained there was soon to be an 'accident' that will kill hundreds of thousands of people, and later to reduce the world's population by 90 per cent?. Who could you tell and get to believe you in the hope of preventing this attrocity, when those who are planning it are the ones at the very top of our society?.
Set up and uddenly finding himself on the run for a murder he did not commit, his family; his friends all now placed in extreme danger and hounded by those that wish to silence him, he has to watch the disaster unfold and many lives are lost.
As he fights for justice and to expose those responsible, he becomes aware that those at the top of society are just mere puppets, that they are controlled by an ancient secret society who are hell bent on eugenicide. The deadly assasins in black robes known as the 'Knights of Silence' slowly take away all those close to him, murdering his family, and he has to enlist the help of his wife's sister to continue his quest to expose and stop the sect from murdering billions more.


The secret society called the 'Priory of Sion' has existed for many centuries and have controlled since time began all the other secret societies in our very long history from the Knights Templar; Rosicrucians; Skull and Bones and the Freemasons. They are far more powerful than the Bilderberg group or even the Illuminati, they pull the strings of governments and their leaders all around the world. Protected by the very deadly 'Knights of Silence' they continue to cause mayhem and devastation in their evil goal to please the Guardian's and reduce the planet's population by ninety percent.
Ever since young Hank's family were murdered, his abduction by the Priory of Sion's deadly Knights of Silence and the rescue from the mountain retreat that followed by the team of ex special forces, he
had been hidden away by his aunt deep in the Australian outback. The Priory over the years since had restructured and built a new headquarters, unbeknown to them less than four hundred miles from the desolate farmstead that they now peacefully lived in.
Hank has grown up into a fine young man, extremely well educated by Philippe the Egyptologist; Symbologist and Linguistics Professor and also by his adopted mother Rose.
Hank's deep need to expose those responsible for the death of his parent's and so many others of his family, urges him and Philippe to follow up various leads from around the world, but then they
stumble across information on the Priory's next devastating plan of population reduction, a plan that is far more deadly than any they have attempted before. This time it is not just many thousands of people that will be killed, but the majority of the human race, a deadly evil plan they definitely can not afford to ignore.
After being chased around the world and some very close encounters by the deadly Knight's of Silence, Hank; Philippe and Hank's girlfriend Elise return to Australia and begin their fight to stop the Eugenical devastation planned by the members of the Priory of Sion. With the eventual help of Philippe's 'Old Boy Network' of military friends it eventually leads them to a war.
A war to save mankind !.


Hank and his girlfriend Elise had returned to Whichita in the US. they now had their own family and things were going well, that was until the Priory of Sion once again showed its ugly head.
Phillipe and his team of ex Special-forces once again go the hunt, following snippets of information and trying to put together the jigsaw puzzle, tracking down the Priory's brand new hidden Headquarters and it's new Grand Master, and once again, the battle for life and the survival of mankind begins.



How would you feel if suddenly overnight you lost thirty eight years of your life?.  Waking up to find you had been abducted, that everything and everyone you once knew, including your family, had vanished into a distant past, had passed away or those far younger than you were now aged beyond comprehension.  How would you cope with such loss?, how would you be able to build a new life placed in a strange unimaginable new future that appears to you like something out of a science fiction film?.  How would you cope with the knowledge you had been abducted, abused by examination, then placed in storage while the world you once knew slipped into history?.  Now Stripped of your identity, belongings, money and clothing, unable to convince the world who you were, unable to explain how you were born sixty years before, yet still physically resembled a young twenty year old Lad ?.
This is Paul's story of abduction, his fight to rebuild his life, to prove his own sanity. To discover the truth and bring that truth to others. His fight against governmental conspiracy, to combat the lies being told to and the deception of his fellow people, and push for the full disclosure of the truth by those elected to lead us and maintain our health our well-being and our survival. To prove to the non-believers that there is far more to this world than their eyes can see or their minds can imagine.




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  • Forty Years Tomorrow:

    “Wow! Great read. you outdone yourself. the way you write is so amazing , I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN. I really really enjoyed your book, I'm looking forward to reading more from you, TY”

    Karen Ventimiglia.
    New York, US
  • Eugenicus:

    “An enthralling read, just when you think you know where the story is going to it takes another twist in an unexpected direction. I have enjoyed every page of this exciting book and couldn't wait to read the next one. Its a story that really makes you think and look at the possibility that this really could happen”

    Linda Lewis.
    Wales, UK